Starbursts & Gold: 7 On-Trend Jewelry Picks to Shine in This Fall

Starbursts & Gold: 7 On-Trend Jewelry Picks to Shine in This Fall

So, jewelry shopping has you tripped up this fall? Tired of summer's trends and ready for something fresh? Us too. And we're all in luck: the search for bold, elegant pieces that feel appropriately extra is officially over.

The Modern Maharani collection just launched last week, and it's basically a crash course in transforming into modern royalty.

Each piece features regal and sophisticated elements, updated to exude edge and audacity in the kind of way only modern Indian jewelry can. Try on sparkling mirrors and twinkling cz crystals set in starburst motifs and dangling chains.

Mix or match for maximum sparkle and or choose one piece as your seasonal statement. With this much sparkle, you really can't go wrong.

on-trend-jewelry-_Modern Maharani-003

The Modern Maharani Jackie Pearl Bangle can be stacked or worn solo. This oversized bangle shines against an ensemble of darker hues (which shouldn't be an issue as the chilly weather sets in).

on-trend-jewelry-_Modern Maharani-002

Dazzle as you dance, prance, or simply strut through the week in the Modern Maharani Crème de la Crème Long Earrings. These cascading beauties are covered in sparkle factor and, in terms of modern elegance, can't be beaten.

on-trend-jewelry-_Modern Maharani-001

You abandoned boring rings a long time ago, so your look needs something more than a clumsy cocktail ring. The Modern Maharani Half Moon Starburst Statement Ring captures the essence of modern elegance and unexpected beauty.

on-trend-jewelry-_Modern Maharani-006

A minimalist's dream with enough sparkle to command attention, the Modern Maharani Floret Needle and Thread Earrings have that on-trend factor as well as the "I'm literally a queen" factor you've been searching for.

on-trend-jewelry-_Modern Maharani-005

A sleek updo just isn't complete without a touch of sparkle and shine. Add the Modern Maharani Shimmer Bow Hair Clip to brighten up an outfit, from casual weekend wear to more formal evening looks.

on-trend-jewelry-_Modern Maharani-004

The Modern Maharani Mirror Tube Hoop Earrings have a secret weapon: they will literally never go out of style. These on-trend beauties have a dazzling twist. They're sprinkled with gems and designed to add a cool modern texture to elevated outfits.

on-trend-jewelry-_Modern Maharani-006

The perfect pairing of casual and dressy, the Modern Maharani Twinkling Mirror Necklace can be added to cocktail dresses, blouses, or even your favorite designer tee to add a touch of luxe in a pinch. It also has a smart no-slip design, so you can wear it stress-free.

Shop the entire Modern Maharani collection for dazzling pieces that pair perfectly to your fall wardrobe favorites. Find more modern Indian jewelry to love year-round at